What to expect after your Osteopathic treatment

What should you expect?

What to expect after an Osteopathic treatment? Many people feel good after, experiencing some amount pain relief in an area that was painful. Usually the treatment given continues to have an effect over a few days. This is why we will often encourage you to ‘take it easy’ and rest after a treatment. It will allow your body the necessary time to heal properly, even if you feel completely pain free.
It is not uncommon after any physical therapy, including Osteopathic care, to continue to experience some symptoms or even feel sore or tired. Sometimes the symptoms may become worse before they become better usually in the first 24-48 hours.

What is post treatment reaction?

A post treatment reaction is the term for the achy or uncomfortable sensation that can occur after treatment. Should you feel a bit sore and achy after your treatment, this feeling should ease within a couple of days. This occurs due to your body adjusting to the changes that may have been made through treatment.

If you feel concerned, or your pain is significantly worse, then you should call and speak with your Osteopath. We would always prefer that you call us to let us know how you feel. We will often be able to tell you what to do or not to do that can help relieve the irritations you are feeling. In some cases we may even decide it is something separate from the treatment and may need further attention by either your practitioner or a referral to further investigate.

What to do if you suffer from a post treatment reaction?

The Osteopaths at MOVE Osteopathy, depending on your condition, may prescribe the use of a heat pack, cold pack, some stretching, exercises, rest or over-the-counter analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications to support the treatment. Following the advice you have been given should help your condition recover faster. If you are unsure or you think it is not supporting your recovery please call your Osteopath to discuss and clarify what they have advised.

Patients often wonder how many treatments they are going to need in order to feel better. Sometimes this is hard to answer after the first treatment. The time and amount of treatment can be variable for each individual depending on their condition, lifestyle, age and activity levels. As we see how you are responding to treatment/s we will endeavour to give you a clearer prognosis

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