Tension Headaches

Fact Sheets

There are many different types and causes of headache. Tension headaches are a very common sort of headache experienced by most people as some stage in their life

What are the symptoms of Tension Headaches?

  • Pain in and around the head and scalp
  • Usually felt on both sides or whole head
  • Felt at the back of the skull, temples and above eyes
  • Tight band feeling
  • Pressure feeling
  • Gradual onset
  • Can last hours, days but often weeks
  • Can be recurrent or persistent over long periods
  • May be associated with stress, anxiety, tension and also depression.

There are some things that can also make tension headaches worse or provoke them

  • Muscle tension
  • Driving
  • Sitting poorly, bad ergonomics, typing, computer work etc
  • Emotional stress, anxiety, tension and also depression

What to do?

  • See your Osteopath or Physiotherapist to have a proper examination and diagnosis of the headache
  • If your are suffering tension headaches your Osteopath will probably apply gentle techniques to associated muscles that may be contributing to the headache or have also become tight and spasmed in response to the headache.
  • Your Osteopath or Physiotherapist will give you instructions on how to manage your headache
  • We will help to identify the cause of the headache and as a result prescribe you specific exercises and or stretches and relaxation techniques to avoid reoccurrence of the problem.
  • Your therapist can help educate you on good posture and ergonomics in your daily life especially when working on the computer.
  • Rest, try to relax and remove yourself from stressful situations, drink plenty of water and also catch up on any missed sleep.

Stretches for Tension Headaches

⚠️ Remember to consult a healthcare professional before commencing these exercises

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