Swiss ball core training


Want to use the Swiss ball you have at home? Want to improve your core strength? You can use your swiss ball for some simple core training easily at home.

A swiss ball or gym/exercise ball can be a great piece of exercise equipment to have a home to do simple exercises. Because the ball continually tries to move and needs to be ‘stabilised’ or ‘balanced’ by you as you go they area great at helping to engage core muscles.

There are many great simple exercises that can be done at home that can help to strengthen the core abdominal muscles with a swiss / exercise ball

In this video Osteopath – Dr Nick Foulds talks through some simple core training with the use of an exercise/swiss/gym ball. The Gym ball gives you a great range of opportunity to train multiple areas of the body and is excellent for providing a challenge to your core.

In this video Nick quickly runs through 4 exercises to help you target the 4 sides of your core muscles. These exercises are intened for fit and healthy individulas with no pre-existing conditions.

Remember to consult a health care professional such as an Osteopath or a Physiotherapist before starting any exercises to make sure these exercises are suitable for you. It is also important that you have good technique when doing the exercise to avoid injury.

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