Work Health & Ergonomics in Brisbane

Poor workplace ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal and other health issues that can cause pain, discomfort and work absenteeism.

At Move health co we provide an ergonomic assessment service where we can attend work sites to conduct work health and ergonomics assessments. We can also arrange manual handling assessments and provide onsite health care.

We can assist in Identifying risk in the work place and by improving the ergonomic arrangement can:

  • Improve absenteeism by reducing injuries such as occupational postural strain syndromes and overuse injuries from computer and desk work
  • Assist in increased productivity as well as morale amongst the staff
  • Assist in faster return to work times.
  • Improve health of the work force in general.

An onsite assessment will involve one of our staff coming into the workspace to assess an individual workspace or an entire office and them completing a report of findings and suggested improvements or changes.

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