Video-Based Online Consults at Move Osteopathy

Is attending a clinic difficult due to your location or schedule? Then a video based consults is a great option for you.

Online (telehealth) consultations may be as effective as in person care depending on your circumstances.

There is a wide range of conditions that can be managed by your Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Exercise Physiologist. If you are unsure if a video based consultation is right for you please contact via email.

Everybody and every injury is unique. We ensure by conducting a thorough assessment to work out your specific issue. This usually involves questioning as well as a movement assessment. All the information gathered by your clinician will be used to form your diagnosis.

Once diagnosis is established your clinician will make a plan for your recovery. Your treatment will involve education on your condition and appropriate exercises for your recovery in a complete plan. It is likely that you will need to check in with your clinician from time to time to re assess your progress and adapt your exercise plan.

Video online consults are also great for those who are in the maintenance phase of their rehab and need an update of their program.

Your clinician will give you the best tools, information and strategies for you to get better. You will be empowered to be an active part of your own rehabilitation.

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