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Dr Kieran Schultz

Associate Osteopath

B.Sc. (Hons) DO

New Farm

With over a decade of clinical experience, Kieran brings a patient-centred approach to his practice, stemming from an interest in human biomechanics. Graduating from the European School of Osteopathy in 2010, he first worked with Move Osteopathy for six years before relocating to the Sunshine Coast and subsequently returning to Move Osteopathy in 2022.

Kieran’s approach combines research-based protocols with hands-on expertise, assessing and treating each client based on their individual needs. His approach typically integrates trigger pointing, dry needling, deep soft tissue work, stretching, and joint mobilisation. He guides clients through targeted exercises and activity modification to optimise recovery and performance. While Kieran appreciates the variety of general practice, he has a keen interest in addressing injuries related to running, swimming, gym activities, CrossFit, and postural strain.

Postural strain
Sports injuries

Beyond the clinic, you’ll find Kieran exploring the great outdoors; hiking, running, diving and bouldering. He balances this active lifestyle with ongoing academic pursuits, currently studying a Masters of Public Health at UQ.

Kieran approaches each patient with a broad range of techniques favouring a combination of gentle soft tissue manipulation, stronger adjustments and strengthening exercises.

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