Good posture exercise and stretches

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There are many things that can affect our posture. Over time the way we use our bodies (or not use them) can leave us looking and feeling more ‘hunched’ or stiff in certain areas. Sitting all day at a desk (as many of us do) can also leave us feeling sore and tired. Muscles shorten and joints become stiff which can contribute to poor posture. The following good posture exercise and stretches are some great stretches to try for people who are sitting at a desk for long periods or working with computers. They are very basic stretches that help to minimise the shortening of muscles and stiffening of joints and therefore generally help to improve your posture.

Of course you should always check with a health professional before undertaking any exercises to make sure that they are suitable for you

Good posture exercise and stretches:

Neck stretch:

  1. Place one hand on your thigh or over your lower back
  2. Looking straight ahead place the other hand on the top of your head
  3. Stretch pulling head to the side and forward
    a. Hold for 10 sec, rest for 4-5 sec
    b. Repeat 3 times each side

Pec / shoulder stretch

  1. Place one hand in the doorframe
  2. Take a step forward with the leg on the same side.
  3. Turn your head away from the doorframe, feel the stretch at the front of the shoulder.

Mid Back / Chest Stretch

  1. Roll up a towel and place across your mid back while lying on the floor
  2. Put your arms above your head arching over the towel for 3-4 minutes

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