Foodie Friday – A Healthy smoothie that actually tastes YUM!

Get Healthy Green Smoothie.

1 washed large leaf of sliverbeat (middle hard stalk removed)
1 washed large leaf of kale (middle hard stalk removed)
2 washed cos lettuce leaves
5 or so small baby spinach leaves
1 chopped up kiwi fruit (firm core removed)
1 banana
1 cup of coconut water
a dash of apple juice…. or more if you like a bit of sweetness.
optional extras – a dash of spirulina powder, your fav protein powder or chia seeds.
Put it all in your jar or jug and give a good blitz with bamix until all the green bits are crushed up into a smoothie consistency. The smoothie should be drunk straight away and I always use organic fruit and veg if i can.
Hope you enjoy 🙂
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