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You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect, what to bring and how much an appointment will cost below. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or Contact Us. We are here to help!

In your first appointment:

We require you to read and fill out some forms for us and then we record your personal details. We then go through any relevant medical history with you. Following this we do a thorough assessment to understand and find the cause of your problem. We can then diagnose your problem and explain it to you. After this we can discuss what treatment and management is appropriate. We can also discuss a prognosis of how long it is likely to take to recover or manage your problem. In most cases we can commence the appropriate treatment straight away.

We will discuss ongoing management that may include other therapies, exercises and stretches to do at home. We can discuss activities to avoid irritating your injury.

At the end of your session you should have a much better understanding of the problem and the appropriate management in order to get you moving better!

Please wear appropriate underwear (you are happy to undress to) or bring clothing that you are comfortable to change into. There is a level of ‘undress’ required to perform examinations and treatment.

Some clinics apply massage, treatment and needling through clothes. Where possible, we prefer not to treat in this way. However, we respect our patient’s choice to undress or not. Please let us know if you ever feel uncomfortable with any part of the process with us.

Please advise your practitioner on what you are comfortable with.

Private patients – EFTPOS with the HICAPS facility is available for direct claims with your health fund leaving only the gap to pay on the day.

Please note, all our Remedial Massage Therapists have completed a government certified course. Not all massage therapists however can register with all health funds. Some funds will not recognise some courses but will recognise others. It is best to check with our reception team if you and would like to claim your massage on private health.

Medicare Patients – payments for the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management (CDM) programs require full payment on the day of consultation. Your claim will be processed on the spot and Medicare will deposit your rebate into your account. you must be set up for this (this is only available for physiotherapy and osteopathy when referred specifically).
We use our discretion to apply ‘bulk billing.’

DVA patients – these patients are ‘bulk billed,’ so no payment is required on the day . This is only available for osteopathy and physiotherapy. DVA gold cards do not require specific referral, however, white cards do.

Work cover patients – these patients are ‘bulk billed,’ so no payment is required on the day. This is only available for osteopathy, physiotherapy and acupuncture when referred specifically).

Motor Accident patients – claims can be made but need to be discussed prior to commencing any treatment. Typically your GP will refer you for an agreed and specific course of treatment. You will ordinarily pay the full fee on the day of consultation and claim through your insurer.

Spinal X Rays – Osteopaths can refer for spinal imaging that can be bulk billed.
All payment is required on the day of treatment. We do not keep accounts.

Our Osteopaths and Physios are primary contact practitioners and do not need a referral for private patients. Osteopaths and Physios can refer for spinal imaging that can be bulk billed.

You DO need a referral if you are claiming some or all of your consultation fees with a third party provider such as:

  • DVA
  • Medicare (EPC/ CDM)
  • Work Cover
  • Motor vehicle insurance

If you are unsure, please discuss with our reception team.


However, different private health insurance companies pay different amounts and some policies may not cover you. You must check with your insurance company if you would like to find out how much you will be refunded.

On the day of consultation, your payment will be processed at the clinic and your health refund rebate will be paid directly to the clinic via our HICAPS machines leaving you with only “the gap” to pay on the day.

All Remedial Massage Therapists have completed a government certified course, however, not all massage therapists can register with all health funds. Some funds will not recognise some courses but will recognise others. It is best to check with our reception team if you are unsure.

Osteopathy is a registered Allied medical profession. Most people see Osteopaths for muscular or joint complaints or injuries, headaches, back and neck pain. Osteopaths use manipulative procedures to joints, muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues. It is not a technique but an understanding of how to help to restore health and reduce pain through the application hands on treatment to the body.

Research into the practice of Osteopathy shows a consistent level of successful outcome, safety and a high degree of patient satisfaction.

Osteopathy is a registered health care profession in Australia. Osteopaths are regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Osteopathy is included in the Allied Health Framework of the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program under Medicare. This allows for the GP, at their discretion, to refer a chronic and complex patients to an Osteopath under Medicare.

Osteopaths have 5 years of full time university training, We graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) and Master Health Science (Osteopathy). Our education involves biomedical sciences, pathology, anatomy, biomechanics, clinical diagnosis and management. We also study Imaging (ie xray), manual therapy techniques including manipulative therapies and rehabilitation through exercise.

Osteopaths are trained to examine the structure of the human body. We look for individual patterns of postural strain and diagnose specific injury.

In order to prevent the possibility of injury, osteopaths determine where excess strain is happening and assist to correct or manage these issues.

We can talk to you about the science of pain. What pain is, what it means for you and how to manage it.

Exercises will often given to help stretch, strengthen and stabilise these areas.

No, however they solely focus on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

We are trained to examination soft tissues (muscles, ligaments etc) and joints. We are alos trained to asses your movement, posture and look for global and local musculoskeletal strain patterns.

Osteopaths are trained to diagnose the specific tissue(s) causing pain, and screen for more serious conditions. We can assess muscular, postural and ergonomic imbalances that have contributed to or maintain the particular problem. Most importantly we use ‘hands on’ techniques commonly referred to as manual therapies.

When you have Pain
An injury or strain.
If you feel stiff
Suffer headache, back, neck or joint pain
Have problems moving
Or if you have been seeing another practitioner and progress has plateaued or you are unsatisfied with your results.

A lot of our techniques are considered to be non invasive and can be quite gentle in their application. Occasionally however some techniques may cause adverse reactions in some people. We are trained to recognise conditions that might make treatment inadvisable. In this case we will refer patients for appropriate medical attention. We screen all of our patients by taking a medial history and carrying out appropriate examination and testing before deciding what techniques are appropriate.

Osteopathy may also help to:

– decrease inflammation and discomfort from chronic conditions.
– to improve respiration and breathing
– improve posture and flexibility
– improve circulation to tissues
– prevent injury
– decrease discomfort or pain during and after pregnancy

Some people may find some of the hands-on techniques relaxing which can be useful for stress relief

Acupuncture has been a registered health care profession in Australia and regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) since 2013.

Acupuncturists at Move have Bachelor degrees awarded after four years of full time study and attend continuing professional development in accordance with their registration requirements.

There is much research into the effectiveness and safety of Acupuncture and is now practiced in Australia by many medical practitioners and GP’s.

There are many people who have a fear of needles and the thought of any needle for them is confronting. Acupuncture needles are not like needles used by medical practitioners, which by comparison are quite large.

Acupuncture needles on the other hand, are very fine. Often when they are inserted they can be painless, at the most there is a very faint ‘prick.’ Once in, the needles are painless and the treatment is often described as very relaxing.

Research into the practice of Acupuncture has been shown to be effective for:

  • aches and pains
  • pain management
  • headaches and migraine
  • anxiety and depression
  • stress and tension
  • fertility
  • hormonal imbalance
  • sleep disorders
  • fatigue and low energy
  • pain associated with pregnancy

Pilates aims to improve ‘core’ strength and stability but also it assists in strengthening our ‘natural’ or functional movement patterns.

Over the years, we have seen many more people respond to pilates than those who have not.

If you have previously not responded to pilates, or not been able to ‘activate your core’ for sustained periods, felt that it was making you worse or simply not enjoyed Pilates, you will likely benefit from an examination with one of our Osteopaths prior to commencing one of our exercise programs.

Please view our informed Consent forms for Osteopathic and Massage treatments here

Please view our informed Consent documents for Exercise Physiology here

You can view our informed Consent documents for Acupuncture here

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