Exercises for Frozen shoulder


This video takes you through some exercises for Frozen shoulder and early Frozen Shoulder Rehab!

Frozen shoulder also known as ‘Adhesive capsulitis’ is a disabling condition where capsulitis (inflammation) & fibrotic adhesions form on the shoulder capsule and the connective tissue. Frozen shoulder can be misdiagnosed with other pathology of the Rotator cuff. Symptoms of both can include: Severe shoulder pain, significant loss of range of motion and stiffness

Frozen shoulder is more prevalent in females [70%] and those between the ages of 40-60 years are at most risk. This condition also occurs in 3-5% of the world’s population. With adequate treatment and exercise regime, the prognosis spans anywhere between 1-3 years

The cause of Frozen shoulder is unknown. Frozen shoulder has been linked with trauma and previous history of shoulder pathology. In many cases the onset of frozen shoulder may have no preceding incident. There is however a link between diabetes and an increased incidence of Frozen shoulder

There are three distinct features of Frozen shoulder. Shoulder stiffness that comes on for no apparent reason, Severe pain that becomes worse at night and in cold weather, as well as near complete loss of passive and active external rotation. You can find out more about frozen shoulder on one of our fact sheets here

Early rehab focuses on restoring range of motion in all planes. In this video Ben and Shehan show you some exercises that may help with frozen shoulder

  • Wand Exercise: Abduction
  • Weighted Pendulum/ Codman Exercise
  • Passive Shoulder Flexion
  • Wall Crawls

You should always consult an Osteopath or Physiotherapist to properly asses and diagnose your injury. Not all exercises are suitable for all people. Remember to consult a healthcare professional before commencing any of these exercises

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