Bridge to Brisbane 2013 – Wrap Up.

  • Dr Kieran  (aka the flash) is our blue ribbon runner coming 146 out of a 24,596 people that took part in the event (that is in the top 0.59%……. beating 99.41% of people) with a time of 39mins and 23 secs.
  • Dr Jed came 299 out of 24,569 (that is beating 98.78% of runners) with a time of 41mins 33 secs.
  • Dr Vin ……describing himself as the ‘struggling old guy” (we think NOT!) came 301 out of 24,569 (beating 98.78% of the runners) in a time of 41mins 34 seconds.

I think the real win of the day was the incredible $850,000 raised for over 200 charities!
Hope that if you took part you are not too sore and tired today. If you didn’t take part, but plan to next year perhaps Dr Kieran, Dr Jed and Dr Vin are our Osteopaths you will be needing to see in advance for your training tips! 🙂

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