Acupuncture now at MOVE New Farm Clinic

Acupuncture could be a perfect adjunct to your treatment


Acupuncture is an amazing therapy that can greatly complement Osteopathic treatment. Over the years we have found so many patients benefiting from Acupuncture treatment so we decided it was time to bring on some Acupuncturists to our MOVE team! Last year we welcomed 2 Acupuncturists, Susan and Nick to our team in the city and now we welcome our first Acupuncturist to New Farm.
If you are interested in combining Acupuncture with your Osteopathic treatment we can work closely with our Acupuncturists to provide you with the best possible treatment outcomes to get you feeling better fast!

A bit about Jacinta

Jac Profile 1

Jacinta graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health with a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture).
Natural health and wellness have always been a passion of hers and after experiencing the benefits of acupuncture herself she decided to pursue a career in it. Her particular areas of interest include treating acute and chronic musculo-skeletal conditions such as:
– Low back pain
– Neck and shoulder tension
– Sciatica
– Osteoarthritis
– Trauma
Others areas of interest include:
– Insomnia
– Fatigue
– Headaches/migraines
– Digestive disorders
– Mental health issues
– General health maintenance
Jacinta will be starting at our New Farm Clinic from Friday 11th September 2015. Please call our reception on 3854 0087 to make an appointment

Special starting offer for September

Do you want to see our Acupuncturist Jacinta at MOVE Osteopathy New Farm Clinic?
For the month of September 2015 a $30 ½ hr massage is available with any Acupuncture session had during September.
Please call our reception at our New Farm Clinic
Ph: 3854 0087 to make you appointment and organise your acupuncture and massage treatment

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